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2019 Hottest Holiday Camera and Video Gift Ideas Guide

Lazar Cartu

2019 Hottest Holiday Camera and Video Gift Ideas Guide

There’s one niche that appeals to everyone these days – young and old, men and women – even teens are getting into this hobby. It’s photography, and if you have a budding photographer (or someone more experienced with it) on your list, there are many different options for gifts you can give them.

Photography and videography used to be much too expensive, but today, prices have dropped without losing the quality so you are the winner. You can shoot amazing photos that make you look like a professional without having to choose between eating that week or getting a top of the line camera.

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MTTG 2019 Holiday Gift Guides

You can find everything here in this guide right here, so bookmark as the holiday season approaches. All of our 2019 Holiday Gift Guides are in one spot here, and they cover every person and situation you can think of along with our Top 5 Gifts for everyone on your list.

Sony DSCW800B 20.1 MP Digital Camera 2019 hottest holday gift ideas

Digital Cameras

One of the most in-demand camera gifts is a digital camera. These are something everyone seeks to have – whether it’s for a simple Instagram account or for more professional pictures.

The Sony Digital Camera is the perfect option for someone just starting out. It isn’t an expensive camera, but it produces beautiful images that have a professional appearance.

You’ll be giving them a camera that has 5 x optical zoom capability and that can product 360-degree panoramas. They won’t have to suffer from blurry images, either – thanks to the SteadyShot technology that’s built-in.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera Bundle 2019 hottest holiday gifts ideas


Another digital camera they’ll be happy to own is by Canon and it’s the EOS Rebel DSLR camera bundle. This is a bit more expensive, but that’s because it also comes with extra lenses, a couple of memory cards, a padded camera case, flash light, filter kit, extra battery pack, car and home charger, USB card reader, tripod and more!

Not only can they take great pictures with this camera, but it can also record video on it in sharp detail. They’ll appreciate the ability to maximize the visual and audio potential of this camera, even when the setting they’re in isn’t optimal.

Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33 2019 hottest holiday gift ideas

Video Cameras

Prices for video cameras are all over the board, but as we know, the better quality you want, the better camera you should have. One of the best 4K video cameras is the Sony 4K HD FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder. At only one and a half pounds, it’s easy to carry around all the time when you suddenly feel inspired and want to shoot something. It’s very user-friendly and is much cheaper than many other 4K video cameras that don’t deliver half the quality. We have more below, but for top of the line videographers, the Sony 4K is the only one you’ll ever need.

Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM Lens 2019 hottest holiday camera gifts


Lenses are a specialty item that many people don’t splurge for, even though it can be game changing when it comes to producing the perfect pictures. You can gift someone you love a Canon EF 50mm STM Lens that’s perfect for capturing an action shot, taking pictures at night, or creating beautiful and artistic portraits.

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f1.8G Lens 2019 hottest holiday camera gift ideas

Another lens to consider is the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR lens that has an auto-focus feature. These work with the Nikon DSLR cameras, which are popular among many photographers.

This is not a zoom lens, but rather one that has dramatic capabilities, like blurring a background for you so you can hone in on a focal point. If someone you know loves taking pictures at dusk or dawn, this low light lens is a good gift option for them.

K&F Concept 77mm Fader ND Filter 2019 hottest holiday camera gift ideas


There are many camera accessories that both amateur and professional photographers enjoy getting as gifts. For example, you might get someone a filter for their lens – like the K&F Concept 77 mm Fader ND Filter.

This filter can reduce the light while still presenting the full-color effects of the image. It’s very durable, too – because it’s waterproof and won’t get damaged from scratches or fingerprints.

Altura 58mm Altura Photo Professional Accessory Kit 2019 hottest holiday camera gifts


Another accessory to consider is a big bundle of items, like the Altura Photo Professional Accessory Kit. This includes a fisheye and wide-angle lens, remote control, photo filters, close-up set, wrist strap, lens hood, lens cap, a cleaning kit and more.

With an accessory bundle like this, the person you’re gifting it to can focus on the image they’re capturing and not on trying to acquire a variety of tools to help them to the job. The photos taken with these accessories will be artistic and jaw-dropping in their appeal.

TARION Camera Backpack Canvas Bag 2019 hottest holiday photographer gifts

Bags and Cases

Getting camera equipment as a gift or that you buy yourself is wonderful. But people suffer a lot of disappointment when they end up ruining their lenses, filters, and cameras – all because they didn’t have a good camera bag or case to protect it.

You might consider gifting them a TARION Camera Backpack. This canvas, water repellent backpack is perfect for DSLR camera owners who are on the go – especially outdoors.

They can put their camera in it, or their laptop, too – if they want to upload the pictures they take. And no matter how rough things get, it won’t matter – because even inside the bag, it’s shock-proof, so the lining will protect the gear from getting damaged.

The great thing about this bag is…

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