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Vintage Photos of Birthday Parties Through the Decades - Jonathan Cartu - Wedding & Engagement Photography Services
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Vintage Photos of Birthday Parties Through the Decades

Vintage Photos of Birthday Parties Through the Decades

Blow out the candles

vintage birthday partyCourtesy Ann Janis/Reminisce Extra

When Ann Janis of Tucson, Arizona, blew out the candles on her 50th birthday cake in 1961, her husband, Stan, her mom and neighbor kids Craig and Lisa joined the fun. Craig also gave Ann a helping breath so he could get some of that cake faster.

Elitch Gardens

vintage birthday partyCourtesy William Snesrud/Reminisce

“My cousin Paul, sister Deb, and I had July birthdays, so my family drove to Denver, Colorado, and celebrated at Elitch Gardens. I was six6 here, in 1962,” says William Snesrud of McPherson, Kansas.

Pin the tail on the donkey

vintage birthday partyCourtesy Angela Smith/Reminisce

Fred and Barney from The Flintstones were among guests at Danny Smith’s birthday party in 1970. “Then, parties were simple, with a few neighborhood kids, cake or cupcakes, and pin the tail on the donkey,” says Danny’s mom, Angela Smith, of Wantagh, New York.

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