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Canto launches in UK with key brand signings Prolific Londo... - Jonathan Cartu - Wedding & Engagement Photography Services
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Canto launches in UK with key brand signings Prolific Londo…

Canto launches in UK with key brand signings Prolific Londo…

Powerful data management 

“More companies are looking for better ways of managing vast amounts of content, finding shared internal servers and simple file sharing services are no longer enough. Canto is entering the British market at just the right time with a proven, powerful offering.

“We’re delighted to offer a new generation of DAM features that will give UK marketing, creative and commercial teams a competitive edge through a very user-friendly approach to managing high-volume, fast-growing files.”

Improves sharing and collaborative processes 

From photographs, graphics and videos – to documents, presentations, design files and other media – marketing teams use more digital assets than ever before, the company noted. 

Canto’s SaaS solution offers features such as automated tagging, image recognition, facial recognition, metadata management and smart albums to allow media files to be organised efficiently. 

Secure sharing of digital assets is improved either using links with expiration dates (to avoid sending bulky email attachments) or through self-service portals which can be used for sales materials, event photography, press kits and brand centres.

Easy integration 

The software is also easily integrated with marketing tools and messaging services including InDesign, Mailchimp, Slack and WordPress and it provides protection against copyright infringement through built-in Digital Rights Management capabilities.

Key verticals

Canto’s DAM solution has wide applicability to a variety of industry verticals including: retail, manufacturing, education, transportation, hospitality, non-profit, healthcare, local government, food and beverage, technology and more.

Owner of the Rab and Lowe Alpine brands, Equip Outdoor Technologies UK, is a new Canto customer.  said: 

“We have thousands of saved files that we’re adding to every year. These are contributed and accessed by multiple teams meaning we needed a consistent method of storage and access from any location”, said Giles Polito, who is Commercial Director of Equip Outdoor Technologies UK, which owns the Rab and Lowe Alpine brands and is one of Canto’s new clients. 

“Canto was very quick to implement, is intuitive to use and everyone is now saving time and effort by easily finding and sharing the files they need. 

“We are saving time in the office as our customers do not need the support to show them how to use the platform!”

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