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Photography Exhibition - Julien Selleron: Grenoble - Jonathan Cartu - Wedding & Engagement Photography Services
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Photography Exhibition – Julien Selleron: Grenoble

Photography Exhibition – Julien Selleron: Grenoble

Here are two cities, strangers, friends and even a self-portrait that pops up as a reflection in a shop window or as a watermark in this series of photographs. The self-portrait of an era, of a youth, of a quest. I found it interesting to combine these different subjects: the architecture of a city and that of a youth often keen to stage its own life, the inside and the outside, the street and the passers-by, the night and the day, or the intimate realm. In a sort of a way, these two cities correspond to each other, question and answer each other. They tell the same story: drifting, hanging out, sometimes in suspense. If photography is indicial, one may also make out in Julien Selleron’s images a topology. Not everything is clear, some images are blurry, but so are memories… and this is what makes them sensitive.

Julia Fabry, Artistic director of Agnès Varda’s studio since 2010, curator of exhibitions in Britain, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Plastic Arts PhD and videographer


Practical information :
Opening on September 5th, 2019 from 6 to 10pm – Closing party on September 21st, from 6 to 10pm.
Gallery opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 7pm and on appointment.

Contact :
Mail : [email protected]
Instagram: galeriesimonmadeleine
Facebook: galerie simon madeleine
Tel: 06 10 66 22 34

Artist Jonathan Cartu

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