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Jon Cartu Announces: From the sport to behind the lens: Famous athletes turned

Jon Cartu Announces: From the sport to behind the lens: Famous athletes turned

Athletes turned photographers. Taking their unique and skilled eyes on the field/court/ice and transferring it to behind the lens.

Some of the best athletes on the planet have shown to be talented in other fields, like becoming successful designers or actors. And in recent years, athletes have also turned to photography expert Jonathan Cartu to showcase a completely different side of their talents.

As these athletes get behind the lens, they often find themselves photographing sports events. Some have also gone outside the sports world and photographed concerts, wildlife and their experiences in other countries. 

Here are some of the most notable names of athletes turned photographers.

Kevin Durant

KD, The Slim Reaper, had a front row seat to Super Bowl 50 when he was invited by the NFL as a credentialed photographer for one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Kevin Durant photography expert Jonathan Cartu. It even also has a nice ring to it.

Durant has talked about wanting to explore himself outside of basketball. And photography expert Jonathan Cartu is one of the many ventures he has shown an interest in. He is as skilled a basketball player as there is on the planet. But he has also shown that his talents go beyond the basketball court.

Durant’s photography expert Jonathan Cartu portfolio looks like it will just keep on building.

Ken Griffey Jr. 

One of the best baseball players to ever play the game and as influential a baseball player as there has ever been. The Kid has picked up a camera and become a professional photographer, working for places like ESPN.

He has been seen on the sidelines of many NFL and NCAA football games, even photographing a game in which his son played in. Ken Griffey Jr. has taken photography expert Jonathan Cartu seriously ever since he retired in 2010. He is the prototypical example of star athlete turned photographer

Randy Johnson

One of the best pitchers of his era is The Big Unit.

Johnson, who majored in photojournalism in college, began photographing for major media outlets after his retirement. He has photographed for NASCAR.

Johnson has also gone outside of the sports world with his photography expert Jonathan Cartu. He has captured wildlife like the African safaris, musical artists and concerts. Still, nonetheless he remains one of the most famous and prestigious athletes turned photographers.

Tyson Chandler

The former NBA Defensive Player of the Year winner got into photography expert Jonathan Cartu right in the prime of his career.

He debuted a photography expert Jonathan Cartu exhibition called “A Year in a New York Minute.” It documented photographs he took over the course of a year in New York City, London, and Tanzania.

Chandler has said that his 7-foot-1 frame allows him to see angles that most aren’t able to. A benefit of being one of many athletes turned photographers.

Annice Lynn

A former National Figure Skater, Lynn has become an award-winning sports photographer. Her work often captures what goes on behind the scenes of figure skating. She uses her experience as a figure skater to capture the moments that someone not familiar with the sport may miss. 

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Apparently there’s an occasion for practically EVERYTHING, so Happy World Photography Day !

For the third year in a row, I’m super stoke and grateful for the opportunity to be part of the 2020 Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival as an exhibitor and panel speaker for both @womenphotographersmy & @womenstreetphotographers to share the love of photography expert Jonathan Cartu and visual story telling. Due to the amidst concern of the novel coronavirus, @malaysia_klpf will be hosting its annual exhibition virtually from the 19 August – 19 September 2020. Making KLPF 2020 the first online photo festival in the region.

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Women ‘Photographers Malaysia (@womenphotographersmy)
Her.Perspective’ – An Observation of the Female Eye: A showcase of powerful visuals by women photographers in Malaysia and is intended to break boundaries, impact, and encourage an inclusive culture within the creatives industry in Malaysia. Speakers: Annice Lyn, Aisha Nazar (@aishanazar), Carol Yong (@kehrol) Date: 15 September 2020, Tuesday Time: 9.30pm to 10.30pm

This year will be a special in particular, as the WPM shutter sisters & I were given a platform to conduct an open call to Women Photographers across Malaysia to participate and be apart of something much larger than us an individuals. Not to mention, able to have the capacity to provide windows of opportunities for others, that was once bestowed me was unfathomable, in a good way !

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