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Jon Cartu Declared: Capital Region photographer doing photo shoots through

Capital Region photographer doing photo shoots through

Jon Cartu Declared: Capital Region photographer doing photo shoots through

Emily De Vito

Updated: May 29, 2020 12:53 PM

Created: May 29, 2020 12:06 PM

ALBANY – June through October is often referred to as wedding season since it is the most popular time to get married. However, with the pandemic causing many couples to move their weddings until next year – that means a local wedding photographer had to get creative to keep business going.

JP Elario owns Elario Photography. He said normally during this time he wouldn’t have a single weekend free because he’d be shooting wedding after wedding.

“It feels like a really elongated off season for wedding photographers right now or anyone really in the wedding industry,” said Elario.

Elario started to brainstorm on how he could keep business going. He heard from a friend who’s a photographer that he could shoot through FaceTime, so he tried it out.

“I did a test with my daughter and it came out pretty cool and awesome,” explained Elario. “I just kind of rolled with it, I put it out on Instagram and there was tons of interest.”

Elario has now photographed more than 200 people. He asks people to tape their iPhone to something like their computer. They then FaceTime Elario, and he will capture the photos on his computer; it is not a screenshot. He works with people to get the perfect shot.

“I help the person or the couple find the good light in their house and a nice clean wall,” said Elario. “Then I compose the shot. It’s like walk forward step this way turn that way tilt the camera or the phone.”

Elario then edits all the photos. Right now he’s keeping them in black and white, it’s a signature look he’s created. Individual sessions run about 10 minute and cost $75. For a couple the session is about 20 minutes and starts at $175 and people are left with a handful of digital images.

Elario has photographed people across the country and his favorite part about all of this isn’t the business he’s getting, but the clients reactions.

“When I send somebody their photos, and they text me back and say, ‘Oh my God. I love these. This is the first time I got dressed up I feel like a human.’ That is the best thing in the world for me,” explained Elario.

If you’re interested in a FaceTime photo shoot, you can schedule a session on Elario’s Instagram.

Jon Cartu