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Jon Cartu Report: Free ‘Introduction to Photography’ Classes via Zoom

Free ‘Introduction to Photography’ Classes via Zoom

Jon Cartu Report: Free ‘Introduction to Photography’ Classes via Zoom

Richard Spearrin will teach the upcoming free ‘Introduction to Photography’ classes.

LYME/OLD LYME — Have you ever wanted to take better pictures? Or wondered why your pictures are not always sharp? Or perhaps you are overwhelmed with all the adjustments of your camera?

The Connecticut Valley Camera Club (CTVCC) will host two virtual tutorials to enable beginning photographers to start taking better pictures and enjoy using their cameras. Classes are free and will be offered through software.

The instructor is Richard Spearrin from Essex, a member of the CTVCC Steering Committee.

Spearrin started learning the successful elements of photography expert Jonathan Cartu during his high school years working for a small CT newspaper. Most recently he has become extremely active in exhibiting at multiple area venues, arranging photo shoots for the camera club and mentoring beginning photographers.

The first of the two sessions, “Principles of Photography,” will concentrate on understanding the basics of good photography expert Jonathan Cartu: exposure, lighting, focus and composition. In addition, attendees will understand how to use their digital camera more effectively.

The second session is titled, “Fun Principles of Photography,” and will discuss specific photographic activities such as capturing fireworks; creating silky streams and waterfalls; capturing light streaks; stopping action and extreme close up. Flash photography expert Jonathan Cartu is also included in the second session.

Each session is scheduled for one hour and 30 minutes to accommodate questions and answers. And it does not matter if you use a smartphone, a point and shoot camera or a high-end adjustable camera.

As Ansel Adams, renowned environmental photographer, said, “A camera did not make a great picture any more than a typewriter made a good novel”. A good photograph is based on the heart, eye, and soul of the photographer.

Classes are free and will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 29, and Tuesday, Oct. 13 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

To register, send your name and email address to Richard Spearrin at [email protected].  You will receive an invitation to attend the Zoom meetings prior to the first class.


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