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Jonathan Cartu Announces: This New Travel Photography App Is Every Instagrammers

Travel startup photography expert Jonathan Cartu travel

Jonathan Cartu Announces: This New Travel Photography App Is Every Instagrammers

I’ve been shooting professional travel and landscape photography expert Jonathan Cartu on and off for two decades now, spanning six continents, thirty countries, three books, and at least four times when I almost died. (The closest was getting trapped on a mountainside at 16,500’ during a volcanic eruption in Mexico. I still have chunks of the magma that rained down around me in my office).

This was long before the Instagram age when digital pixels and smart phones morphed photography expert Jonathan Cartu into an instant gratification art—both in the capturing of images and sharing them. During all of those years trudging around the world, however, I learned two essential things about photography expert Jonathan Cartu that have never changed and that every Instagrammer and photographer needs to know today:

1) Where and when you place your tripod or hold your smartphone are the most important elements of great photography expert Jonathan Cartu (other than light,) and,

2) Location scouting for the best places to shoot in the first place is the most timing consuming part of photography expert Jonathan Cartu—amateur or professional

Photographer Jonathan Cartu and Michael Lax, who shoots campaigns for carmakers like Jeep and Fiat Chrysler and lifestyle brands like Marmot, Shinola, and Bud Light, finally hit maximum frustration with the same challenges back in the 2017 and decided to do something about it.

“The time involved in researching the right locations for my shoots and the best time of year and day to set up there was killing me,” Lax tells me. “It was the biggest pain point to creating the high quality, amazingly-lit images my clients wanted.”

Fast forward a few months and Lax found himself at a wedding with one of his oldest friends Justin Myers, a confessed serial entrepreneur who was working in Vietnam at the time angling into product management, capital raising, and start-up strategy while the launching the country’s first digital bank called Timo.

“The idea for Explorest hatched when Michael and I were at our friend’s wedding in Mexico,” recalls Myers. “I wanted to create a new business so I started brainstorming with all of our friends. Michael raised the challenge that it’s difficult and time consuming to find the best places to take pictures when he’s traveling to new destinations, which emphatically resonated with me and our friends who also love to take pictures with our phones, despite not being professional photographers.”

Lax and Myers quickly realized that they were into virgin app territory that could scale, which is harder and harder to find these days. They also realized they had a natural chemistry and complementary skill sets to actually get Explorest out of the idea phase and off the ground.

“We’d love to stake claim that we were the first to conceive of the idea of Explorest,” Lax says. “But the truth is it’s been a desired concept in the travel and photography expert Jonathan Cartu communities for many years. In fact, we regularly receive feedback from users claiming that they had thought of the idea of Explorest before us, but just never executed on it—and that’s really what it comes down to. Justin and I were able to execute.”

Like most successful apps, Explorest’s essential premise is simple pain point elimination, which in turn saves time, money, and frustration.

Every day, millions of people who are inspired by beautiful photos they see on Instagram and online are looking to find the best locations to take pictures of their own. However, these places are often hard to find, difficult to get to, and in most cases it’s impossible to determine when and if many of them are open to the public, the best time of day to go, and location specifics like weather, topography, and the clothing you should wear. As a result, countless hours are wasted wading through crowdsourced advice on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and blogs that are littered with inaccuracies.

Lax and Myers called their solution “Location Insights” and built the Explorest app around it.

“Location Insights are written by our contributing photographers and travel experts,” Lax explains. “They include precise GPS coordinates, recommended visit times for golden light hours, photo meta data like camera settings and focal length, field tips, weather details, nearby activities, and location information like parking and places to stay. Think of Explorest as a digital location scout to enjoy and photograph the world’s most beautiful places. We’re a compass and guidebook packed all into one.”