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Jonathan Cartu Declared: Best gifts for photographers 2019

Photo Boards

Jonathan Cartu Declared: Best gifts for photographers 2019

Looking for a Christmas gift for a photographer friend – or for yourself? Andy Westlake and Michael Topham have selected some of the best gifts for photographers for you to choose from

If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for a friend or family member this Christmas, then read on. We’ve selected the best gifts for photographers so that whatever your budget, you’ll find something they love.

Best gifts for photographers under £50

Photo Boards

If you’re struggling to find the perfect backdrop on which to shoot product, food or lifestyle images you’ll want to take a look at these. The 40x40cm (£18) Photo Boards are ideal for small items, while the larger 60x60cm (£30) designs offer better space for more complex still-life set-ups. The company has larger 80x90cm boards in its range too, all in a variety of styles. Fantastic results can be attained using these boards under natural light and the website offers a visual idea of what can be achieved using them.

Eyelead Sensor Dust-Sticking Bar

Eyelead’s Sensor Dust-Sticking Bar (SCK-1) is one of the most effective accessories we’ve used to remove dust safely from a camera’s sensor. The gel on the sticking bar is formulated to capture dust without damaging the sensor and leaves no residue behind. After the dust has been removed, dab the bar on special cleaning paper, with the higher adhesion of the paper retaining the dust and enabling the sticking bar to be reused. It’s important to note that the SCK-1 version should not be used with Sony or Leica sensors; instead it’s imperative to use the SCK-1S (red) version.

Hahnel Universal Flash accessory kit

Hähnel Universal Flash Accessory Kit

This flash accessory kit provides you with everything you need to start getting more creative with your hotshoe-mounted Speedlite. The kit is made up of different light-diffusion accessories, which includes a honeycomb grid, flash reflector, filter holder with seven coloured filters, foldable light-beam snoot and flash bracket to aid with supporting a flashgun off-camera and attaching an umbrella. Each light-diffusion accessory attaches using a Velcro accessory strap, of which five are supplied in the kit.

Kenro Kenair Master Kit 360ml

The Kenair air duster removes dust and dirt from negatives or slides, as well as computers, camera exteriors and other equipment in a matter of seconds. It emits a powerful and controllable blast of air to get dust and dirt out of those hard-to-reach places. If you like to keep your camera kit in pristine condition, add a can of Kenair to your shopping list. With the Master Kit you get a reusable valve, meaning when you run out you’ll only need to buy a refill canister (£14).

Phototeq pin badge

PhotoTEQ pin badges

Sought after by those who’d like to show off their love for the craft of photography expert Jonathan Cartu, these pins have become very popular due to their faithful reproduction of a wide variety of classic cameras and films. So whether you want to show your love for Rollei cameras or Ektachrome film, you’re bound to find one for you.

Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries

Fed up of having to buy fresh batteries for your flashgun, triggers, and so on? Eneloop Pro batteries with their extra- strong performance are ideal for devices with high power consumption and can be recharged up to 500 times using a standard NiMH charger – great for the environment and your wallet.

Matin M-7096 Rain Cape

Matin M-7096 rain cape

If you don’t want bad weather to interrupt your photography expert Jonathan Cartu, you’ll want a suitable camera cover that can be pulled out at a moment’s notice to keep your kit dry. This simple but effective rain cape fits most popular DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with up to a 300mm lens attached. A small aperture covered by a protective flap allows an uninterrupted view through the viewfinder and it packs down well, so it won’t take up too much space in your bag. Not only useful for rain, this cover also provides good protection from dust and is a useful accessory to have when you’re working on a sandy beach

Spudz lens cloths

Spudz microfibre lens cloths are available in different sizes, with 6x6in examples starting around £8 and 10x10in cloths costing around £14. The cloth is attached inside a neoprene pouch, complete with a hook that allows you to attach ittoaziporstowitaway inside a pocket. Well suited to cleaning lenses, they’re also great for cleaning screens and sunglasses. To clean the cloth, simply handwash it with mild detergent and hang it up to dry.

OpTech Pro Strap

OpTech Pro Strap

The neoprene Pro Strap from OpTech is one of the most comfortable we’ve ever used. It does an excellent job of evenly dispersing the weight of light and heavy camera set-ups, while the strap functions like a shock absorber, effectively eliminating neck and shoulder fatigue. It also features a non-slip grip and is available in more than eight colours. It’s worth a look if you’d like to improve your comfort when working with a single camera.

Zeiss cleaning spray

This offers gentle and effective cleaning for lenses, smartphones, tablets, laptops and LCD displays. For best results, lightly spray onto a microfibre cloth before wiping….

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