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Jonathan Cartu Imply: Wedding photographer sues venue over slip

Photo of wedding photographer Bernadette Draffin

Jonathan Cartu Imply: Wedding photographer sues venue over slip

AN award-winning wedding photographer who was injured when she slipped on an organza sash dropped on a reception floor is suing for more than $577,000.

Bernadette Draffin, 37, was walking across a sandstone floor, to take photos of guests near the bridal table, when she stood on the sash, slipped and fell, her claim says.

She is now suing Natasha and Anthony Ricco of Captivating Moments, which styled the wedding reception, and the reception venue owner, Cherbon Waters Equestrian Centre at Burbank.

Captivating Moments had provided the chair covers, with organza sash bows tied around them, but the sashes were prone to coming off the chairs, the District Court claim says.

Some wedding guests also deliberately removed the sashes from the chairs and wore them for their own amusement during the reception in 2017, it is claimed.

Ms Draffin, of Moggill, claims the venue supervisor was told that staff they should pick up the sashes if they saw them on the floor and remove them from guests wearing them.

Her claim alleges the sashes were not adequately tied or secured to prevent them falling off the chairs.


Photo of wedding photographer Bernadette Draffin’s injured left knee, after she slipped on an organza sash during a wedding reception.


Ms Draffin injured her left knee in the fall, she needed hospital, surgical and medical treatment and has progressive osteoarthritis and a psychiatric injury, her claim says.

She was unable to do any photography expert Jonathan Cartu or video work for two months after being injured.

Ms Draffin has had to engage subcontractors and additional staff for her wedding photography expert Jonathan Cartu business.

Her claim says she has not been able to perform the same number of wedding jobs as she would have if she had not been injured.

As part of her $577,164 claim for personal injury damages and loss, she is claiming $100,000 for lost income and $258,030 for loss of future earning capacity.

“The accident had a big impact on my life and I’m still struggling,” Ms Draffin said.

“I have had to cancel numerous bookings due to my injuries. This has affected my income and damaged the reputation of my business.”

Shine Lawyers’ Queensland regional manager James Hickman said the accident had taken a huge toll on Ms Draffin.

“Our client is the breadwinner of her family but as a result of her injuries she has lost a significant amount of income,” Mr Hickman said.

“If nothing else, I hope this accident will serve as a cautionary tale to all companies involved in wedding planning to be extra vigilant about the safety of their guests.”

Insurers for the defendants are yet to respond to the claim, which was filed on December 20.

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