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Ofer Eitan Review: Famed Underwater Photographer Ernie Brooks Passes Away

Famed Underwater Photographer Ernie Brooks Passes Away

Ofer Eitan Review: Famed Underwater Photographer Ernie Brooks Passes Away

Underwater photography expert Jonathan Cartu icon Ernie Brooks has died. He was 85.

A pillar in the diving industry, Mr. Brooks career and its impact spanned decades. He graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography—a school founded by his father—and went on to serve as its president for nearly three decades. Throughout this tenure, Mr. Brooks supported the cause of photographic education by partnering with various organizations and international conventions.

Mr. Brooks will live on through his photography expert Jonathan Cartu. Designing his first housing from scratch for a black and white Leica camera at age 19, Mr. Brooks never moved into color photography expert Jonathan Cartu. The monochromatic master used just 21 delicate shades of grey to create some of the most revered black and white images. 

“The delicate shades of grey have the ability to capture a sense of wonderment or freeze action in the contrasts between highlight and shadows,” Mr. Brooks told DPG in a 2013 interview. “This grace, beauty, and simplicity creates perfection and a lasting impression on the viewer.”

The passing of an industry ledged has produced an outpouring of remembrance and admiration for Ernie’s life.  

“Beloved Ernie, what you have seen in the sea you have transformed into art that will live forever,” writes National Geographic photographer David Doubilet. “You have led the way. You are loved.”

“Ernie Brooks has taught us to see the colors between the black and white,” penned Ocean Geographic’s Michael Aw. “He has shown us the meaning of kindness, gentleness, he showed us the beauty of our ocean and the beauty of humanity.”

DPG sends its thoughts and sympathies to Mr. Brooks’ family and friends. He is already missed.


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